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About Chayim Aruchim

The Center for Culturally Sensitive Health Advocacy and Counseling was established by Agudath Israel of America to help our community make health care decisions according to halacha. With a team of halachic authorities, legal experts, medical, patient and pastoral care professionals and high-level government policy advocates, Chayim Aruchim endeavors to serve as a vital resource in championing, promoting and ensuring the implementation of preferences of Torah observant patients' care decisions in compliance with halacha. 

This project is partially supported by MJHS.

For more information contact us at:
4006 18th Avenue
Brooklyn, New York 11218

Halachic Advisor: Rabbi Zvi Ausch, Yoishev Rosh Bais Hoiruha D'Karlsburg

Legal Advisor: Mordechai Biser Esq. General Counsel Agudath Israel of America

Patient and Family Representative: Rabbi Aron Wajsfeld

New York State Project Director: Rabbi Berish Fried

Care Navigator: Pinny Most

Discharge Consultant: Leah Horowitz

Halachic Advisor: Horav Zvi Ausch, Yoishev Rosh Bais Hoiruha D'Karlsburg
Coordinator: Rabbi Ben Zion Leser
Members of the Machon: Rabbi Zische Ausch, Rabbi Eliezer Gewirtzman, Rabbi Menachem Horowitz, Rabbi Naftoli Katz, Rabbi Yair Sandler, Rabbi Ahron Wajsfeld

Commitee (in formation) :

Rabbi Yaakov Weiner, Rosh Kollel, Jerusalem Center of Research

Rabbi Gedaliah Weinberger, Chairman of the Board, Agudath Israel of America

David Adest * Dr. Marcel Biberfeld * Jacob Friedman * Dr. Yashar Hirshaut * Mark J. Kurzmann, Esq. * Dr. Seymor Lachman * Rabbi Shmuel Lefkowitz  * Yeruchem Silber * Rivie Schwebel * Rabbi Chaim Dovid Zwiebel

Chayim Aruchim gratefully acknowledges the generosity of the
Harry H.  Beren Foundation of New Jersey
Leilu Nishmas Reb Tzvi Chaikel ben Reb Aharon Zev z"l.

Chayim Aruchim is an organization dedicated to providing religious and ethical guidance to families who have a family member that is seriously ill.  We are not lawyers or physicians and do not and cannot provide medical or legal advice.  We can and do try to help families in handling such situations and do provide halachic guidance for these matters.