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Glossary Terms

Glossary Terms

Chayim Aruchim

The Center for Culturally Sensitive End of Life Advocacy and Counseling was established by Agudath Israel of America to help our communities make health care decisions according to halacha. With a team of halachic authorities...

Agudath Israel of America, Agudath Israel, Agudah

Agudath Israel of America is a communal organization in the United States loosely affiliated with the international World Agudath Israel.

Agudah represents the vast majority of Orthodox Jews proudly representing Torah Jud...

Jewish End of Life, Jewish End of Life Values

A personís body belongs to Hashem, a person does not have the right either to end his own life or to enlist the aid of others in the act, and anybody who does aid in this plan commits murder.

Halacha End of Life , Halacha

Jewish religious law, including biblical law and later talmudic and rabbinic law, as well as customs and traditions.

Halachic Medical Directive, Jewish Health Care Proxy, Jewish Medical Directive, Jewish Advance Directive

Advance directives are designed to outline a person's wishes and preferences in regard to medical treatments and interventions. When a patient is incapable of making his/her own medical decisions, a health-care proxy can act on the patient's be...